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How much does upholstery cleaning cost?

If your furniture is stained or has an accumulation of dust and dirt, you need to hire a professional upholstery cleaning service to clean it. Our professionals have the required experience, skills, eco-friendly detergents, and access to better tools and equipment. Many people tend to be worried about the average cost of upholstery cleaning services in Boca Raton, FL. On average, the cost of cleaning a single piece of upholstered furniture ranges from $50 to $80. However, these costs tend to vary depending on some factors, including the method used, types of furniture, type of fabric, among others.

Table of contents:

  1. What determines the cost of upholstery cleaning?
  2. What is the average professional upholstery cleaning cost in Boca Raton, FL?
  3. What can happen when you trying to clean stains by yourself?
  4. Is it worth getting upholstery professionally cleaned?
Upholstery Cleaning

Factors that influence the cost of upholstery cleaning

Type of furniture

Different types of furniture are charged at different prices. For instance, the cost of cleaning a sectional 4-5-seater will be different from that of a 3-seater, office chair, ottoman, and sofa bed.

There are many types of furniture that we clean. Different types of furniture require a different type of care.

Top types of furniture we clean:

  • Recliner - it's a sofa or armchair that reclines when you lower its back and raise its footrest.
  • Love seat - it's narrower than a standard sofa and wider than an armchair. A love seat is a better choice for smaller rooms.
  • 3-seater - this is most common in many households. 3-seater sofas are made using different fabrics.
  • Chair - chairs are generally found in many homes and offices.
  • Ottoman - it's a type of footstool, which can also be used as backless seating. An ottoman can be squared or semicircular.
  • Chaise lounge - it's a sofa that's shaped like a chair and is long to support one's legs.
  • Dining room chair - it's a normal chair used in the dining room.
  • Office chair - it's a chair used in commercial settings and used by people while working.
  • Sectional 4-5-seater - also called a corner seat. It's a long couch that forms ninety degrees to seat more people.
  • Sofa bed - it's a couch with metal frames under the cushions that can open up to a bed with an internal mattress.
  • Mattress - a mattress is a rectangular and large pad used for supporting the body in a bed. Mattresses have different sizes, which include standard size, queen size, and king size.

Type of fabric

Most furniture types have different types of fabrics which determine the quality. Therefore, the higher the quality of your furniture, the more you'll pay for the cleaning. This is because of the risk involved in terms of wear and tear of the fabric when cleaning.

Before upholstery cleaning is done, it's essential to pay attention to the type of fabric on your furniture. Remember that different types of fabrics require different cleaning methods.

Top fabric types that we clean:

  • Leather - in most cases, leather upholstery tends to vary depending on price and quality. Different leather qualities require different treatments when cleaning.
  • Real suede - most average income household consider getting furniture with suede due to its affordability. Cleaning real suede fabric is cheaper than leather.
  • Velvet - it's a luxurious fabric that has a short and thick pile. It stands out for a great texture, color, and comfort.

Type of cleaning method

Upholstery cleaning methods that are intense will cost more than other methods. For instance, deep cleaning will cost more than either steam cleaning or dry cleaning. Anyway, we provide only green cleaning solutions.

Top upholstery cleaning methods:

Different types of upholstery require different types of cleaning. Therefore, our upholstery cleaning team is well skilled in selecting the best method, tools, and equipment for proper cleaning. Below are some of our upholstery cleaning methods:

  • Dry cleaning

    It involves using dry solvents or hydrocarbon-based solutions. The solvent is toweled onto all dirty areas to remove body oils and hair. A brush is then used to agitate all these dirty areas.

  • Deep cleaning

    Deep cleaning of upholstery is an intensive cleaning process, which can include many steps, such as:

    • Vacuuming
    • Spot testing of cleaning solutions
    • Spot cleaning
    • Hot water extraction
    • Clearing remaining debris
    • Drying
  • Steam cleaning

    It eliminates dust, mites, and stains.

    • Before you start, test the surface to ensure the material is color fast
    • Use a steam cleaner for spot cleaning and overall cleaning of the entire piece of upholstery
    • Keep the steam cleaner moving to prevent soaking the fabric

Number of furniture pieces

The cost of upholstery cleaning also directly depends on the amount of furniture you need to clean. The more furniture you have - the more you'll have to pay.

Stain protector application

After the process of upholstery cleaning is through, you might consider the application of a stain protector to your furniture. In this case, you'll be required to pay some extra fees.

Additional service charges

If you need some additional services such as repair to tear and wear, you'll pay an extra fee.

Top additional upholstery cleaning services:

  • Odor removing
  • Enzyme treatment
  • Sanitizing
  • Deodorizing
  • Shampooing
  • Scotchgarding


Sometimes, you might need emergency upholstery cleaning. In this case, due to lack of a well-planned schedule for the cleaning, you'll end up paying more due to interruption of the normal schedule of the service.

The average cost of upholstery cleaning in Boca Raton, FL

As said earlier, the cost of professional upholstery cleaning depends on several factors such as the type of furniture, fabric, cleaning method, etc. Some other average costs of cleaning in Boca Raton, FL include:

Furniture Price
3-seater couch or sofa $79
Love seat $69
Love seat and 3-seater $109
Recliner $65
Sectional 4-5-seater $119

For more information on the actual prices, you can contact us.

What can happen when you trying to clean stains by yourself?

In conclusion, you shouldn't try to DIY because you don't know the right cleaning method, detergents, tools and equipment, and how to treat each stain. If you're a resident of Boca Raton, FL and you need a professional upholstery cleaning service, UCM Carpet Cleaning Boca Raton is the best solution. For more information regarding our services and their costs, you can check our other useful cost guide about carpet cleaning.

Is it worth getting upholstery professionally cleaned?

Of course, your upholstery must be cleaned by professionals. Here are some reasons for it:

  • DYI cleaning may damage the material which will lead to loosing colors
  • Professional services use equipment which not everyone has as a house utensil
  • Professionals know how to treat different types of upholstery material, bringing the best results
  • Professionals use harmless chemicals and sprays to treat stains and for other cleaning processes which you can't buy in nearby shop
  • It will take less time to have it done by professionals than DYI

Anyway, you may try to clean some of small furniture pieces just to see the results. After that we will be glad to offer our services.

If you are tired with cleaning your upholstered furniture, give us a call! We are a team of specialists to cover all your cleaning problems. We have been working all over Boca Raton for more than 10 years and have good testimonials on our upholstery cleaning and mold removal services. We cover the following neighborhoods: Dixie Highway, Clint Moore Road, Ocean Boulevard, University park and the rest. Just call us and get rid of annoying dirt and stains on your furniture.

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